About Us

Welcome to Unbotify

Cyber Security company with a strong emphasis on Machine Learning and AI

Who Are We

We are a team of highly dedicated and experienced Machine Learning and CyberSec professionals.

Our Mission

To stop malicious bots.

What We Do

Using behavioral biometrics and machine learning, we establish a new standard for bot detection.

Our Brief

Unbotify’s mission is to provide a best in class solution to one of the major problems of web application security today – detecting malicious bots. Our unique focus on behavioral biometrics derives from years of experience in the field and a deep knowledge of existing detection methods and their inherent shortcomings. Our promise is to detect even the most sophisticated bots, that are doing their best to fake human features and mix with the human traffic. These bots are the bots that are eventually causing the biggest damage to enterprises and have so far remained undetected.

Our Team

Yaron Oliker

CEO and Co-Founder
Yaron is a seasoned entrepreneur, inventor and software engineer. Yaron has a unique outlook and deep understanding of the business and tech aspects of the bot problem.

Alon Dayan

CTO and Co-Founder
Alon combines a deep understanding and vast experience in the theory and practice of building machine learning models. He holds a Msc. degree as well as an MBA.

Dr. Yaacov Fernandess

Chief Data Scientist
Dr. Fernandess is an expert in machine learning. Having worked at Yahoo, Microsoft, Walmart and IBM. He brings with him hands-on experience and knowledge which are instrumental to Unbotify’s success.

Lukáš Lehner

Lead Software Engineer
Lukas is a seasoned software engineer with 15 years of hand-on experience and an impressive set of skills.

Eran Magril

VP Customer Success
Eran makes sure our customers receive maximum value out of Unbotify’s services.

Ran Arieli

Data Engineer

Ran is a data engineer contributing his skills and innovative outlook to all of the company’s major projects.

Chen Saraf

Data Scientist & Software Engineer
Chen is an applied math wiz with outstanding academic credentials and a hands on approach.

Ofira Banai

Head of Operations
Ofira handles Unbotify’s various operational needs with a sure hand and a can do attitude.

Uriya Schwarz

Data Analyst
Uriya is the master of data analysis. He makes sure we deliver the most valuable results and conclusions to our customers.

George Haddad

Backend Engineer
Creative, sharp and thorough George is the person to rely on when something needs fixing.

Sam Jacobson

Business Development Director
Sam passionately works on bringing Unbotify’s vision and technology to customers and collaborators, combining a ready smile, rich experience and a deep understanding of the market.

Genady Buchatsky

iOS Developer
Genady is a true veteran. Been there, done that, what is next? Well.. Genady has his hardest challenge yet. Finding Bots in the Walled Garden of Appleland.
Arik Kfir VP R&D Unbotify

Arik Kfir

With experience and a passion for tech, Arik is a gem of a guy who has been working from a terminal since he was 12.

Carlos Herrero Gómez

Data Scientist
Sporting a casual look and a PhD in Physics to boot, Carlos brings a vast international experience together with his expertise in machine learning and algorithms.
Ariel Yust

Ariel Yust

Android Developer
Ariel rules Android and all things Java, including coffee. A proficient gamer with a knack for a good hack.

Our Team

Yaron Oliker

CEO and Co-Founder
Yaron is a seasoned entrepreneur, inventor and software engineer. Yaron has a unique outlook and deep understanding of the business and tech aspects of the bot problem.

We Are Hiring

Behavioral Biometric & ML is the latest in Bot Detection. A major pain for all websites and mobile apps, regardless of industry. Ad Fraud, Social Media Fakeness, Scalping, ATOs, etc.. Sensor data + AI is the next cyber bot battlefield.

We seek Data Scientists and Software Engineers.

Are you a full-stacker? Dream in Python? Love native JS/Java/Objective-C SDK hacking? A machine learning expert AND want to do good in the world? If any of the above describes your and you have read this far:

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