In-Game Cheating

stop bad bots from abusing
api's that power your apps

Game fraud

Combat game fraud with beahvioral biometrics. Virtually every successful multiplayer game, on every platform, has faced the threat of automated bot accounts. These game bots will automate gameplay to farm resources giving the players using them unfair advantages, skew in-game economies, and ruin user experience for the legitimate players. Attacker use emulation and automation tools, reverse engineering the game mechanics and selling these tools as SaaS products

Detect game bots

By building robust models of human device interactions with your game’s specific flows. Unbotify learns how the real users of your game interact with their devices in the context of your specific app, rendering these automation tools not cost effective
Clear ROI
Convert users leveraging cheating bots into paying customers, retain your real users by protecting the game experience, and prevent the skewing of your game economy
We go to the trenches for you
Adopt a detection system that is constantly evolving and adapting to threats, and focus on game development
Prevent abuse of sensitive flows
Prevent ATO, fake purchases and protect any API behind your game by validating a human behind a device
Multi-platform support
Whether your game is Android, iOS or browser based, we got you covered
Unskew Analytics
Know which are human, segment and execute clear multivariate and A/B product testings and lift studies
Improve your human player experience by marking and / or removing bot accounts. Reduce negative ‘this game is full of bots’ app reviews and cut down on customer support tickets

Ready to tackle the bots?

Get a detailed session-level report of bot traffic on your website or app