Behavioral Biometric bot detection has finally arrived to gaming. Fraud is rampant both in marketing (as ad fraud) and with in-game cheaters, and usually where fledgling bot developers hone their skills. Your game is their playing ground. In-game bots wreck havoc to the analytics, from which all departments base decisions. Real-Time Mitigation of User-Acquisition shifts the burden on dealing with fraud to the supply side, eliminates marketing bleeding in record time, removes end-of-month refund chasing, builds confidence to purchase from any affiliate or ad network and boost performance of existing bidding algorithms.


Publishers who seek to differentiate themselves to attract more advertising budgets, can start by validating that they are not offering up non-human audiences and selling invalid traffic to brands. Website and Apps can auction up human verified placement opportunities directly and programmatically. Building trust and transparency with an ad fraud ridden ad tech ecosystem is the long game for the content kings.


Behavioral biometrics bot detection is the next evolution of ad fraud prevention. By checking human-device interaction against a machine learning model, anomalies in traffic can be detected in real-time. Unlocking a disruptive change to the handling of invalid traffic (IVT) both for publishers, as they can check their sub publishers and get certified for quality, and for advertisers who can now check their audiences in real-time and stop bots from sapping marketing budgets programmatically. Advertisers gain the confidence to engage any traffic source armed with behavioral biometrics real-time bot mitigation, by deploying the most accurate and durable anti-fraud technology available in the market.


With the unhinged rise of mega hits like Epic’s Fortnite, the technological breakthroughs allowing for massive concurrent streaming, and the money flooding the young industry. We will likely see a repeat of the ‘influencer’ marketing bot-follower-counts tactic we have seen on Instagram and the likes. This erods trust from advertisers and is avoidable. Furthermore, the fairness of the competitions must be upheld and Unbotify can defend against bot abuse within games. The competition platforms that could be gamed via view counts, social signal skewing can be certified. Lastly, Scalping of tickets for real-life events can be mitigated as well.


E-Commerce platforms are exposed to malicious bots on multiple fronts: Bots hack into user accounts by automatically trying huge lists of stolen credentials. Bots register fake accounts, to abuse bonus or coupon promotions or as a platform for other kinds of fraud. Scraping bots steal content, to provide competitors with an unfair business edge or to use on other sites. Bots also cause more and hurt user experience by forcing sites to enforce CAPTCHA’s and stricter password policies. Bot traffic skews analytics metrics, ruining A/B tests hindering site optimization.


Unbotify provides banks with the ability to detect automated attacks, a.k.a. bots, in real time. This essential protection layer enables security teams to anticipate zero day attacks, promptly react to and stop automation based attacks as these unfold, in real-time. Automation is the weapon of choice for cyber criminals. Unbotifys’ game changing technology exposes all forms of automated attacks on web applications and thus effectively disarms attackers.


Competition is fierce for travels, and price is the deciding factor for most. Scraping pricings and availability in real-time both undercuts the business, denies availability for real consumers, and also incurs infrastructure serving costs. With behavioral biometric bot detection, scraping morphs into a fresh revenue stream as aggregators must be whitelisted and thieves are blocked. Crawlers who steal quality content automatically reduce SEO potential, this too can be mitigated. While travel sites also act as E-commerce platforms, they are subject to account takeovers, payment fraud and other nefarious ilk, all threats we accel in preventing with the most advanced bot detection technology known to man.


Any online ticketing vendor is subject to the increasingly popular scalping phenomena, where bots are used to automate the purchase of tickets faster than humans. High profile events are sold out in minutes leaving fans empty handed and forcing them to secondary illegal ticket sales. The result is an increase in price for customers and a bad purchasing experience, limiting growth of the fan base. In the effort to re-establish a sense of fairness and community in sports, a ticket sale is literally the entry point to the true, on-field, sporting experience no flat screen can convey. With a new generation of cell phone addicted, screen first sport fans are losing touch with the visceral experience, which builds a stronger connection to teams, players and competition. Scraping (stealing content), can also be formalized and provides a new revenue channel by controlling which bots can collect which data points.


Fraudsters follow the money. And the online gambling market is a prime target to take advantage of less quality traffic sources. When optimizing for FTDs, the fraudsters already understand this method and abuse it to game the marketer to invest more into automated software agent based engagement and purchase behavior to induce more investment into a fake and ultimately negative LTV.


ICO’s and TGE’s are great fundraising alternatives to traditional VC’s. However, they have been abused by scammers and have tainted the entire market. ICO’s are also mainly marketing campaigns that due to the duopolies’ T&Cs require specialized long tail media buying. This is exactly where an ICOs investment can be lost to bot fraud. Mitigating marketing bot fraud in real-time shortens the loop in discovering quality channels, avoids refund-chasing, improves campaign performance on bidding algos (by not sending ‘false positives’ to the DSP), cleans remarketing lists and mainly can protect any registration form online. Automated trading of cryptocurrencies by speculators also employ bots to execute at scale, this can be managed to avoid abuse and currency manipulation at scale.

On Demand

As your platform adapts in real-time to supply and demand, bots can wreak havoc to efficiency, thus eroding brand sentiment. Behavioral Biometric bot detection is done real-time. Allowing you to have a true god-view of the workflow, avoid price gauging manipulations, and can also save those precious marketing budgets from bleeding out to ad fraud.

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